Cardboard Roll Light-Up Winter Village

08 December

What do you get with too many cardboard tubes, an Exacto knife, and flameless tea lights? A Light-Up Cardboard Village! 

I started with several cardboard tubes (I cut the long ones into assorted sizes), and then using an Exacto knife, I cut windows into each tube (definitely an adult step). Some had several. Some only had a few. Basically they were all different. Then we quickly painted the little houses. No details or anything too fancy, just a plain color. I was going to paint them all a single color like white or pale blue, but the girls had other ideas. 

For the roofs, I made some simple paper cones. I didn't want them to be too think because I wanted the light to shine through them as well, so I just used printer paper. 

Using some Elmer's glue diluted with water, I added some sparkles (courtesy of to each of the roofs too! This gave them an extra wintery look! I positioned them all on some quilt batting (also sprinkled with glitter) and placed a flameless tea light in each house. I just set the roofs on top, but you could glue them if you wanted. 

And here is our little village! I had a few tea lights that change colors which are the girls favorites of course, so we used them too! 

Then when you turn the lights off it looks like this! The girls were in love with it, so shiny and colorful! They ran around turning off the lights any time one got turned on just to see it glow!

It is quite pretty, and at the end of the season you can just toss it and make another next year!

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