Learn Critical Thinking with the Community Helper for the R

09 October

Our Community Helper for R is Railroad Worker. I was planning on taking the trains outside,  so putting together a railroad would be a bit more of a challenge for the girls; of course the day I got ready to do it,  it was raining. Seriously? We have been in drought, and now when I need it to be nice it rains. *sigh* No problem,  I can make it challenging and stay inside!

I decided to give the girls something they would have to build the railroad around. Something they couldn't move which would require them to be more selective in the pieces they use. So while Eli was sleeping I told the girls we were going to build him a zoo; every zoo has a train. You see Eli has been very into trains since his birthday, and last week at the library he picked out a train book called Down by the Station.  Where a little train carries the baby animals to the children's zoo. We have read it so many times;  I thought this would be fun for him.

I set up most of the zoo and then left the girls to build the train. They were quickly frustrated by the size they had to work with.  Between the small train table and all the animals there wasn't much room left for a train! I suggested they try some different sized pieces, and they found a way to make it work!

They barely got it done before Eli got up, but he was excited to find it! I think they were pretty happy to do something for their little brother too!

Really they all enjoyed playing with the little train and the animals. They even rearranged the zoo and the train a couple times! 

I'll definitely have to try giving them some more train building challenges sometime! 

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