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How to Make Seasonal Snow Globes with Kids

How to Make Seasonal Snow Globes with Kids

This months theme for Poppin's Book Nook is Seasons! Instead of choosing a single book about seasons we went with The Little House series by Laura Ingalls Wilder because each book goes through an entire year of seasons. 

We haven't made it all the way through the books, but we just finished The Long Winter (book 6), and it is interesting to compare the weather in the various books and various locations of the country.  We all agree that we are happy to not be dealing with the blizzards they had in the Dakota Territory!

This month we also threw in a book for Eli, I am a Bunny. The girls enjoyed this book when they were younger, and now Bria can read it to Eli! It goes through each of the seasons in through the eyes of a bunny and the activities he enjoys with each season.

To go along with the book we made some seasonal "snow" globes! We started with 4 small jars and a toob of plastic trees. The trees didn't cover all the seasons well, so I added snow to an evergreen and a few pink flowers to one of the deciduous trees using acrylic paint.

I  also decided the trees alone were too short, so I glued them to a small, flattened marble with hot glue before gluing it to the inside of the jar lid. Make sure you use a lot of glue!

The inside of the lid was a bit dull to me, so I super glued some glitter inside it too. I just squeezed out some glue and used an old paintbrush (you will have to throw it away after this) to coat the inside of the lid. Then you add so glitter! Once it is dry dump the extra!

Next, I filled the jars to the lip with water, added just a splash of glycerin, and a pile of glitter; then I stirred it all together.

Screw on the lid, flip over, and watch your snow, flowers, or leaves float around.  I had really wanted to find little confetti shaped like leaves or flowers, but everything I found was too big for our little jars! 

I tried hot gluing the lids on, but I didn't have much luck getting it to work well. I guess I will have to keep working on a way to prevent little hands from unscrewing the lids! So far they are just mesmerized by the glitter, so we haven't had an issue!

Visit the other participating bloggers for more seasonal fun too; then come back and link up your Season Activities! Next month join us for Animal Fun!

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