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Make Your Own Dragon Puppet from Egg Cartons

Make Your Own Dragon Puppet from Egg Cartons

Remember the royal toilet paper roll puppets I shared over at Enchanted Homeschooling Mom.

To go with them, I put together this egg carton dragon puppet! You start with 2 egg cartons.

Paint the bumpy part white. Then I painted the area between what would become the teeth red for gums,  but you could easily leave it white too.

If your egg carton has holes in the top you can just hot glue a piece of cardboard over them and then paint the rest green.

Cut off the last two bumps on both egg cartons. This makes a spot for you to put in your hand (fingers on tops and thumb on the bottom), so your dragon can open his mouth to eat the villagers talk. If I had been thinking I would have cut off the back of the egg carton before painting it.

One of the sections you cut off becomes the dragons eyes with a little black paint and hot glue.

Then you should have something that looks a bit like this. I made hits be a dragon, but he could easily be a dinosaur or an alligator too.

The next step is to make a neck to hide your arm.  If you are lucky you have an old long sleeved shirt that matches lying around, so you can just cut off the sleeve and use it. (I happened to have an old green sweater that worked well!  If not you have to sew a sleeve. Then you hot glue it around the entire back of your dragon (including his teeth; it helps keep him together).

All you have to do now is insert your hand and put on a show (or eat the other puppets)!

The girls really enjoy their dragon, but he is a bit big for their little hands. This puppet is best operated by an older child or an adult. In our case Daddy makes the best dragon. Eli really enjoyed him and kept coming up to the puppet, yelling "BITE," and giggling as he ran away!

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