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Learn Problem Solving with the Community Helper for P

Learn Problem Solving with the Community Helper for P
P is for Plumber Community Helper

Our second community helper for P is Plumber! I explained to them that a plumber is someone who fixes pipes, so if there is a leak or a clog they are the ones you call. I also mentioned that Mario and Luigi (yeah you know who I mean) are plumbers too. This was probably by far the most exciting news of the day to them! *sigh* 

Water Wall for Community Helper letter P = Plumber

In order to explore the movement of water a little more, I set up a little water wall on our fence. I used zip ties to attach various bottles and pool noodles to the fence. This did require cutting holes in the bottles and pool noodles (near the top where the water won't run out)

I purposely put one pool noodle up in a way they couldn't get water through it (unless they have the hose to provide extra pressure).  I also left some caps on the bottles. I did put holes in some of the caps with a nail, so they would still drip just a little.

Clog in Water Wall kids must find it

Then I turned them loose with a bucket and pitcher full of water and little cups. They had to find and "repair" the clogged areas (caps).

Pretend Plumber Community Helper

Homemade Water Wall to Pretend to be a PlumberEncourage kids to problem solve with a water wall

They figured it out fairly quickly, and then they wanted to do it over and over again! They would put the caps on, and say, "I think there is a problem," and then they would start working on it.

Fixing Clog Water WallFixing Leak Water Wall

Water wall funEveryone loves playing with the water wall

They also got to solve leakage problems when one of the pieces would slide a bit and no longer line up with the one underneath it. This was especially true with the pool noodles and funnels.

They played and played until their bucket was empty, and hopefully they know a little more about water and Plumbers.

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