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Giant Bubble Bath

Giant Bubble Bath

Life with Moore Babies ~ Giant Bubble Bath

Summer time, the weather is hot, and everyone is having fun in the pool. The pool alone is certainly enough to please my kids, but wondering through the store one day I came up with something that would make it even more irresistible....BUBBLES!

Giant Bubble Bath

I picked up a bottle of bubble bath (something we use pretty rarely around here). Then one morning I went out and filled the pool, pouring the entire bottle of bubble bath in! The kids were beyond excited about all the bubbles!

Bubble PoolBubbly Pool

Bubble PoolSuper Bubbly Pool

I actually was afraid the bubbles wouldn't last long because they never seem to in the tub! But the more they played the bubblier it got! 

Bubble PoolBubble Slide

BubblesGiant Bubble Splash

They played most of the morning in their bubbly pool, and by the time we went out that afternoon the bubble were all gone.  They sure had fun while it lasted though!

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