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Romping and Roaring ABC's Review

Romping and Roaring ABC's Review

If you are looking for some great alphabet printables to use with your little ones, you should definitely take a look at the great set from 3 Dinosaurs! The Romping & Roaring ABC's  are coming out one letter at a time for free, or you can purchase it all at one time if you don't want to wait. I got a little preview of m, n, and o to review for all of you!

The number of activities for each letter is amazing! Everything from tracing letters, to beginning readers, to puzzles and size sorting. Of course I printed out some for the girls to try.

Here are just some samples of the variety.

The girls colored M books where each mouse was to be colored a different color. They practiced the letter M as well as reading color words and the fine motor skill of coloring the lines. They proceeded to complain that there was not a silver, gold, and rainbow mouse.

Here they colored the letters by size. Again they are practicing the letter as well as color words, coloring, and size sorting!

They traced the letter M so now they are practicing handwriting too.

Here they are working on shapes in the N pack.

And now they are onto following the letter N. I had them do this like a maze because we didn't have any dot markers to dot the N's.

Some beginning reading and handwriting in one for the N books. They also got to draw pictures of the N words. On drew spaghetti noodles and the other Chinese noodles, but they looked the same to me!


Here they are sorting by size again, but this time they also have to practice cutting and gluing. Another complaint from my kids, all the big octopuses won't fit, so we turned them into puppets. 

Those are just a few of the activities we did from this pack, and every letter includes each of these activities plus MORE! There is no doubt that your child will learn his alphabet by going through all these activities! They will also practice so many other skills. 

As I said before you can wait for each pack to come out separately, or you can purchase all the sets for $25 now. If you purchase them all you will get some extras including some ABC money (the girls thought this was really cute, but I somehow didn't get a pictures of it), a writing chart, and a progress chart. To see everything in the Romping & Roaring ABC's and all the skills covered by each pack visit 3 Dinosaurs!

This is a fabulous pack, and despite their "hard to please"attitudes, my girls really enjoyed working on them. I was honestly afraid they would be bored since they technically know their alphabet, but they weren't. I think they would have worked through every worksheet!

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