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Coffee Filter Peacocks

Coffee Filter Peacocks

Remember the coffee filter art we made for our N is for Nurse post? We used them to make peacocks!
Not only are they cute peacocks, but they make cute sun catchers! This is why you want the colors to be vibrant!

Once we had soaked our coffee filters with the syringes, we left them to dry over night. I think they would have been dry sooner, but we put it off. The next day I cut the filters in half. I tried to use my scrapbooking cutter, but it tore the filters (guess I need a new blade), so the easiest way I found to cut them was to fold them in half and in half again cutting along your second fold.

 Using dark colors, we had purple, blue, and black, cut out bodies for your peacocks. Ours don't look exactly like peacocks because I used my cricut to cut quails and then I cut off their tails and feet. You could certainly cut out your own bodies or purchase a cricut cartridge that has one in it. Whatever you choose, just cut peacock bodies.

Now it is super simple for the kids to do because they can just glue the bodies on the coffee filters which become the tails!

Once they finish gluing the peacock bodies on, display them in a sunny window! We actually only had cloudy windows today, but they are still pretty peacocks!

 Amazing how versatile coffee filters are! What have you made with them???

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