Learn about Printing a Paper with the Community Helper for N

19 May

Our first Community Helper for N is Newspaper Staff. I could have broken this down into several different jobs, but it was easiest to lump them together.  Besides it gave us an excuse to visit the kids Auntie who works at the newspaper office. So we surprised her with what we hoped would be enough cookies for everyone in the office, and she gave us a little tour.

Since it is a small paper it is actually printed off site, but we could see the computers that everyone uses to type up articles.

And the area where they stuff all the ads into the papers.

Then we got to see some of the old equipment. This is like a giant camera that took a picture of the page (you can see a page on the platform).

And we saw the old dark room where they developed their photos (obviously now it is more for storage).

We were also fortunate in seeing the paper boy this week.  We got to watch him throw a newspaper towards our neighbors house, and Bria informed me she wanted to do that!

When we got home I made them a little bin that was shredded newspaper with stamps mixed in. We talked about how hard it would have been to get news to travel before there was anyway to type it. How everything would have had to be hand written, so newspapers really weren't feasible.

Then I let them dig around in the bin and play with the stamps and stamp pad making their own newspapers.

None of the newspapers made any sense of course, but Bria did tell me hers was about a robber.  We also got word that everyone enjoyed the cookies!

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