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Fingerprint Flower Magnets

Fingerprint Flower Magnets

Mother's Day is right around the corner, so we made some super cute Fingerprint Flower Magnets for all the kids Grandma's (sorry it isn't a surprise Mimi and Grandma)!

I started by having the kids make flowers on white card stock.  The touched the stamp pad with their finger and then used their fingerprint to make the petals and leaves for the flower. Then they wrote their names. (I had to help Eli with all of it, but he was happy to participate!)

After they were finished I laminated them and applied tape magnets to the back.  I tried not laminating it, but it just seemed too flimsy. So I laminated it and applied tape magnets. (I received these tape magnets from CraftProjectIdeas.com to use however I wished, and they certainly helped inspire this easy gift!)

Now they are ready to hand out! Each one is as unique as the kid that made it and they all have those precious little fingerprints!

So there you have it, a super easy gift for Mom or Grandma!

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