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Splatter Painting is Fun Process Art for Kids

Splatter Painting is Fun Process Art for Kids

If you have some old toothbrushes lying around this is a fun pain technique to try, but beware this is a pretty messy activity, so make sure to cover your surfaces!

You need paper to paint on, cardboard shapes, scotch tape (probably not a necessity) paint, and old toothbrushes. You can cut any shape you want out of a light piece of cardboard; we happened to have some unicorns from a previous project. Start by gently taping your shape to your paper.  I just used a little loop of tape on the back to keep the shape in place while the girls painted.

Next getting a small amount on your toothbrush, and holding the toothbrush bristles down, gently rub your finger across it.  This should splatter the paint ALL OVER! I mean all over too! It does not stay confined to the paper or table in anyway!

If you use more paint you get bigger drops. It may take a few tries to figure out the amount of paint and the amount of pressure you need on the brush.  I will say that adult brushes work better then kids brushes as the bristles are longer (especially if your kids chew their brushes). The girls were impatient and started just painting while I was looking for big brushes.  Even just painting around a shape is fun though.

Just keep splattering until you are happy with the amount of paint you have on the picture.  Then you can lift up your cardboard.  A nice white shape should be left underneath!


I really wanted the girls to get more paint on them, but after the toothbrush search they decided they were done.  You could still see the unicorn, so I guess that is the main goal! The more paint you get on the better your shape will show up! We will definitely have to try this again... maybe outside.

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