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How to Make a Letter E Sensory Bin

How to Make a Letter E Sensory Bin

Here is our Letter E Sensory Bin! E was a bit harder then the other letters so far.  The girls quickly came up with elephant and egg.  After that we had to start looking around a bit more.  While searching through play food for an egg I found an eggplant as well. I grabbed their little earth too. Then I got lucky, they had their Potato Heads out, so I grabbed some eyes and ears from there.  Of course we still had an E book, the singing magnet (with the letter E) and several foam E's.  I even stuck a small foam E inside the egg.

Eli went straight for the earth and the stuffed elephant.

  After discovering the earth didn't bounce well, he moved onto the egg.

He was pretty interested in the fact that there was something inside and went right to work trying to open it.  Once he got it, he found the letter E!

For more sensory fun (including all previous letters) visit my Sensory Page!

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