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Fizzy Painting

Fizzy Painting

Initially I tried to make Fizzy Finger Paint; which didn't work as well as I had hoped.  I started by mixing baking soda into the finger paint.

The girls painted with it like normal.  They did comment on the rough texture, and how it felt like salt to them.

Then they got to paint over it with vinegar.  As you can see, it made a few bubbles; just not as many as I was hoping for!

It did leave an interesting texture on the page when it dried though!

Then we tried watercolors.  Only instead of painting with water we use vinegar and dropped baking soda on top.  The girls used tons of baking soda though, so I just brought out little eye droppers for the vinegar.  So they painting (using the vinegar), then sprinkled baking soda where they wanted it, and added more vinegar with the eye dropper.

This was not an exceptionally clean project!

But it gave some interesting results! The baking soda dried hard on the top of the picture and then flaked off.  It left behind a very smooth and peaceful look in the paint underneath.

You can tell where the fizz was and where it wasn't very easily by how clear the lines are and how bright the colors are.  

The finger paint may not have worked the best (although it did become a sensory activity), but I love the effect this gave with the watercolors! And the girls loved making fizz!

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