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Egg Carton Ladybugs and Fireflies

Egg Carton Ladybugs and Fireflies

I had been planning on making a version of these ladybugs I had seen on GoGreen, but hadn't got around to it.  Then last weeks story time was about fireflies which gave me the idea to make fireflies as well!  To make these you need a cardboard egg carton, scissors, paint, pipe cleaners,  medium pom poms, glue (we used hot glue), and  glow paint.

I started by cutting up my egg carton into what would become 12 individual bugs.  I saved the top to use as a paint tray.

Then I had the girls each paint 6 bugs. Bria only wanted to do 4, so I got to make 2.   I did end up cutting more off the bottom of them, so they would lay flat on the table.  

After letting them dry we started putting spots on them.  I had the girls use Q-tips to do this.  I tried adding the glow paint to mine, but decided it would be better to do it at the very end since it takes a while to dry.

I cut the pipe cleaners in half, folded the halves in half, and hot glued them to the egg carton.

Then I glued a pom pom on top of that for the head.

I curled the pipe cleaner anntenae, and had the girls paint the glow in the dark glue on their fireflies.

And we had bugs!

Ladybugs (watch out for that baby)


I tried to get a picture of one glowing, but they really don't photograph well (especially in the girls closet).

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