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Alphabet Walk

Alphabet Walk

I think between the busyness and the heat last week the girls were getting a little stir crazy! This morning it was a little cooler, and we decided to take a walk.  I told them we could go to the park as long as we found things that started with each letter of the alphabet along the way.  This isn't the first time we have done this, but it is the first time we decided to take pictures. I grabbed my little camera and off we went! Of course we didn't find everything, but we did play at the park.  It was a bit crowded, and the girls were already complaining about the equipment being hot, so we didn't stay long.  By the time we made it home they were complaining to go inside.  

Here is what we found!

A- A was a little harder then I thought it would be, but we came up with some things. An ambulance and an air conditioner.

B- B was fairly easy; I just listed the first 2 the girls came up with. A ball and a boat. We also had a birdhouse, a butterfly, brick, and a brother.

C- Kind of random, but they found cracks and a car for C.

D- For D we found a door and a dog, but the dog got away.

E- For E all we found was Eli.

F- We found a fence and flowers for F.

G- For G we found some grass (some that was actually still green even).

H- We found a hair and a hose for H.

 I- I was surprised we didn't see anything that started with I, so we came in and took a picture of ice.

J- J was a hard one too, so I just had Nadia jump for me. J is for jump!

K- K was hard. We found a door knocker, but I had to tell the girls it starts with K.

L- We used lights and leaves for L.

M- We found mulch for M.

N- We found an old newspaper for N.

O- O was hard to find, so we went with an orange paw print.

P- We found a plant almost immediately for P.

Q- Q was a bit of a problem, so I had Bria put on a crown to be a queen.

R- Some rocks for R.

S- The first 2 they came up with for S were sister and shadow, but we also had stop sign, a sidewalk, and slide.

T- T was really easy. It was the first thing we found, a tree.

U- Luckily we were able to find an umbrella for U.

V- We found a vine and a van for V.

W- I was really surprised at all the things we found for W.  The first 2 were wheel and well, but we also saw wood and water.

X- No X's around here, so Bria drew one with the sidewalk chalk.

Y- We found a yellow pinwheel for Y.

Z- Like X there were no Z's that we could find, so Nadia drew Z for us.

We may have cheated on a few, but at least we found something for every letter! What will your kids find?

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