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Simple, Ponyrific My Little Pony Birthday Party

Simple, Ponyrific My Little Pony Birthday Party
After Nadia's unicorn party last year, Bria decided she was having a pony party.  She changed her mind a couple times, but in the end she came right back to the My Little Pony party.  Our color was pretty easy considering the theme, pink and purple.  I also knew we would have to use the little bitty ponies for our cake.  Our original plan was ice cream cupcakes, but Bria last minute decided she no longer liked whipped cream and wanted a square cake.  Lucky for her I came up with a plan!  Once I had the base frosting on, I let the girls put on flower sprinkles and main ponies.  Eli was entertained by water beads that he threw all over the kitchen.

 I added the candy clay rainbow I had made the night before to complete the cake.  We quickly iced the cupcakes and added ponies to them. 


We decorated with pink and purple streamers as well as balloon flowers.  The balloon flowers were a little uncooperative, so I had to add glue dots to he hold them together.

Bria had also requested a bouquet of flowers, so Nathan got her some multi-colored daisies that fit well.

As far as food was concerned, I tried to base it on foods eaten in the TV show.  Our foods included:
Twilight Sparkle's Daisy Sandwiches- bread cut in daisy shapes with meat and cheese
Spike's Extra Crispy Fries- chips
Fluttershy's Bunny Munch- vegetables complete with cherries
Rainbow Dash's Sonic Fruit Boom- fruit rainbow
Applejack's Caramel Apple Dip- apple slices with caramel dip
Rarity's Ring Pops
Pinkie Pie's Cotton Candy

Bria was most excited about her gifts.  She must have asked 15 times if it was time to open them.  She loved them all!

 Cake and ice cream was exciting too.  She had to have a square piece of white cake with Applejack on it along with her favorite mint chocolate chip ice cream.


All the kids loved the little confetti poppers I found too.

Overall I think everyone had a good time.  A least I know Bria did.

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