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No Good at Art? You Can Teach It with Atelier Homeschool Art!

No Good at Art? You Can Teach It with Atelier Homeschool Art!
I received level 5 of Atelier Arts Online Art Curriculum for free and compensation is exchange for my honest review. I was not required to post a positive review, and all opinions are my own.

Based on the watercolors, pastels, and clay overflowing from my art shelves, you would think I was really good at art. And you would be wrong.

Despite my art skills being underwhelming, I really do want my kids to learn art. After all art encourages creativity, increases focus, and improves critical thinking skills. Yet no matter how I try, my lack of confidence in teaching technique makes actual art instruction an uncommon occurrence.

Homeschool Art Curriculum

Atelier Homeschool Art by Arts Attack makes it simple for kids to learn technique as well as art appreciation through their online art curriculum.

What is Atelier Homeschool Art by Arts Attack

Atelier Homeschool Art is an online art curriculum that provides 8 different levels of art lessons. Each level encompasses a full year of art lessons.

Each level of Atelier Homeschool Art includes 20 video lessons as well as at least 10 prints to study, a parent manual with a supply list and some tips for implementing, and the scope and sequence of the program.

Benefits of Using Atelier Online Art Curriculum

  • Videos that give full instruction
  • Includes samples for kids to work from
  • Shows samples other kids have made
  • Art appreciation included as well 
  • Long time to complete each level

Atelier Homeschool Art by Arts Attack comes with very thorough lesson plans that include how the material is to be presented, as well as what will be needed for each lesson. You could use these plans and teach much of the material yourself, but each lesson also includes a video of the entire lesson. You don't have to teach! And I know we could all use a little bit of a break.

Teach kids art without knowing how to do it.

One thing I always think about teaching art is that I have to make a sample first, so the kids have some idea what they are doing. Not with Atelier Homeschool Art. There are drawing helps and sample pages in the lesson plan you can print for your kids to look at and work from.

A thorough online art curriculum.

The video lesson also shows samples of actual projects done by the instructor as well as by other students. I think this is fabulous, especially if you have perfectionists like I do. Seeing other students work shows them that no one does ti perfectly or even remotely the same.

The Atelier Homeschool Art program is well thought out in that it isn't just mindless projects. Each project has a purpose in furthering art education, and some of them are art appreciation. These are scattered throughout the lessons and teach skills as well as recognition and respect for great art.

Online Art Curriculum uses videos to teach kids.

When you purchase a full level, you are given 3 years to use it! This is great as we all know that sometimes art gets pushed to the side in favor of core subjects. With an extended time to use it you don't have to feel guilty if you don't get to it for a couple weeks, and you don't have to stress about getting it finished in one year!

What My Kids Think about Atelier Homeschool Art 

Now my kids are used to my crazy project ideas, so I wanted to see what they would have to say about the much more organized lessons they have been doing with Atelier Homeschool Art by Arts Attack.

E (8-years-old): "I like what we make!"

A complete homeschool art program

N (11-years-old): "I like that it teaches you step-by-step, so you can follow along and know what to do."

Art made easy!

So 2 out of 2 kids willing to be quoted enjoy it, and honestly that is pretty big since my son claims to hate drawing!

You even have great options when it comes to levels. You can purchase a full level and have 3-year access or you can purchase individual modules with 1 year access. Maybe you are wondering why you would want 3-year access? It would be great for people with various ages in their homeschool as kids can grow into higher levels. It would also be fun to review and repeat art projects to see how the student's art has grow. Each level gives suggested age ranges to help your selection. Our older 3 are between 8 and 12, so we opted for level 5.

Head over to Atelier Homeschool Art by Arts Attack now, and you can save 10% on any online curriculumthrough 11/1/2020, using the code: SAVE10

With Atelier Homeschool Art by Arts Attack my kids can learn art techniques from someone who knows what they are doing, and I can learn too!

Be sure to keep up to follow along with Atelier Homeschool Art on Instagram and Facebook!

Cat Contours Finished with Online Art Curriculum

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