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Tweens Still Benefit Big from Read Alouds

Tweens Still Benefit Big from Read Alouds

When your tweens were little, you probably established a bedtime routine to help them wind down each night, and that likely included a bedtime story. They grew from board books into picture books, and now they are reading chapter books fluently, so what about that routine of reading each night?

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I know that little picture books aren't going to hold their interest as well anymore, and it may seem bizarre to be reading a chapter book out loud to your pre-teen, but the benefits are worth it!

Benefits of Reading to Tweens

(Candlewick Press sponsored this post, but all opinions expressed are my own.)

Benefits of Reading Aloud to Tweens

Just as when your kids were little, read aloud time still has loads of benefits for tweens. Briefly, the benefits discussed below include:

  • Vocabulary and Better Language Usage
  • Allows Exploration of Various Times, Situations, and Genres of Literature
  • Teaches Empathy and Life Lessons
  • Improved Relationships with Your Kids
  • Reduced Stress Levels

Reading to Tweens Improves Vocabulary and Language Usage

Reading good books improves kid's understanding of language and how it is used. This is even more true for when you read aloud because the child will hear the words the way they would be used rather than sounding out or skipping over new words. Plus, it will help them learn correct pronunciation. In fact reading aloud to your kids can even improve their writing by hearing how all the words are used!

Great Read Alouds for Tweens

Read Alouds Allow for Exploration

Reading to your child allows them to explore a variety of times and situations they would not typically experience. Whether that means exploring a different (and difficult) time like we did in Gold Rush Girl or a tough situation like not knowing what happened to your parents in the fantastical Malamander

Another type of exploration reading aloud encourages is exploring different literature genres. Most likely your kids already have a favorite genre, but when reading aloud, you can try out different ones. Hearing a book read aloud makes it more enjoyable even if it is a genre that you typically don't like. My kids have varied preferences, so I vary what I read them as well. They nearly always get involved with the story when I am doing the reading whether it is realistic fiction like I, Cosmo, historical fiction like Dolls of War, fantasy like Begone Raggedy Witches and The Little Grey Girl, or any other genre you might like to read together.

In fact watching my kids open up to different genres is so amazing. I chose a great selection from Candlewick Press too! I asked the kids to choose their favorite book out of those we got, and below is the response. My fantasy lover chose a realistic fiction book, my graphic novel lover selected a fantasy, and although she is not pictured, my historical fiction lover also selected a fantasy (but refused a picture). It is great  to see them branching out!

Read Alouds allow tweens to explore.

Pre-Teen Read Alouds Teach Empathy and Life Lessons

Whether the story is realistic or fantastical, the emotions that the characters go through will be relate-able for kids. Reading in general is associated with increased empathy for others. I have no doubt this increased empathy is due to all the situations and emotions people explore through the stories they read and hear.

Reading aloud can help improve empathy and even teach life lessons, like don't take your friends for granted or don't pretend to be someone you aren't as shown in Weird Little Robots. These lessons can be emphasized by discussing the books along the way. Discuss why the characters are doing what they are doing or what your kids might feel if they were in the same situation.

And believe me, if you choose chapter books from Candlewick Press, there will be plenty to discuss. Lot's of different perspectives, emotion, and suspenseful situations!

Read Alouds Grow Empathy

Reading to Your Kids at ANY Age Improves Your Relationship

If you are reading aloud to your pre-teen then you are spending quality time together. Plus, you can discuss the book giving you wonderful conversations and shared experiences. Shared experiences and deep discussions will improve your relationship. You will have shared time, shared ideas, and maybe some shared jokes. A little extra relationship can definitely help heading into those rocky teen years!

Plus, books are an easy way to bring up topics that need discussing, but you don't know how to address.

Reading Alouds can Improve Relationships with Tweens

Reading Reduces Stress for Everyone

Reading has always been associated with reduced stress, but recently it was announced that reading for just 6 minutes reduces stress levels significantly. 6 minutes! Plus, if kids are already familiar with being read to, since you have been doing it since they were born, they are likely to see it with a soothing familiarity.

Pre-Teen Read Alouds

The benefits of reading aloud to pre-teens are undeniable! It may seem strange to start reading to them again if you have stopped already, but I promise with time, they will enjoy it and even desire the quality time with you just like when they were little.

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