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Set up a Animal Camouflage Hunt for Quick, Hands-on Learning

Set up a Animal Camouflage Hunt for Quick, Hands-on Learning

Kids feeling bored? Want to get them outside? Have tons of stuffed animals? Challenge them to a camouflage hunt!

I know slightly older kids may scoff at the idea of running around outside to find stuffed animals, but even my 12-year-old headed out there to look. The old they are, the more difficult you can make it!

Plus this is an active way to help they learn how camouflage works!

Supplies for a Camouflage Hunt

Stuffed Animals
An area to hide them in

Really that's all you need to set this up!

Setting up an Animal Camouflage Hunt

When you choose your stuffed animals try to think about the area you are hiding them in. I tried to choose more natural colored stuffed animals as I was hiding outside, but that doesn't mean you can't hide those pink and purple animals out there. If you have flowers then you could likely hide similar colored animals there. Or maybe you have outdoor furniture, there is no reason a similar colored animal can't hide there. Basically the point is to show kids how camouflage works more than using the correct surroundings.

Once you have your animals. head out to hide them. Make sure your kids are distracted, so they don't see you hiding the animals. Also make a list for yourself of which animals you hid and where; we wouldn't want to lose any stuffed animals outside!

Now, if you have an area inside your house that you want to do this, that is perfectly fine as well. There is nothing that says this cannot be done in a basement or a living room!

Hunting for Camouflaged Animals

Once you are all set up, gather your kids and let them know there are camouflaged animals hiding in whatever area you have selected. Depending on their age, you may need to tell them what camouflage means.

Camouflage - A pattern or coloration that animals use to blend in with the surroundings.

I would also tell them how many you hid!

If your kids are younger, you may also want to tell them the type of animals you hide or draw them some quick pics of the animals they are looking for. Of course, you are welcome to search with them if they are very young.

For our hands-on camouflage hunt, I just gave my kids the number I hid and told them they were all in the backyard. They didn't need much more than that. It was fun to watch them run past the same one about 7 times though! In the end all the animals were located, and the kids had some active fun learning how camouflage works.

This Camouflage Animal Hunt is a great active learning activity that is easy to set up and gives kids hands-on experience using their skills of observation. They are sure to remember exactly how camouflage is used after this activity!

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