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How to Get Free Books for Your Homeschool

How to Get Free Books for Your Homeschool

Books! They a huge weakness of mine, and my family. If it were anything other than books I would consider it hoarding, but it's not hoarding when it's books!

We love book stores, but books can be a bit pricey new. Not that they aren't totally worth it! Still, we have no qualms about buying used at Goodwill, Half Price books, or Library Sales!

But, do you know what is even better than cheap books?

You guessed it! FREE books! Brand new books for free!

Some of Our Favorite Homeschool Books

Let me take a second to show you some of our favorite Usborne Books and More Books for homeschooling.

Encyclopedias: The History Encyclopedia is a great overview of World History, and or history curriculum (Story of the World), even gives selected readings from it. The Science and Geography ones are great too, but we use the History one the most.

Lift-the-Flap Books: There are so many lift-the-flap books with so much information in each one. And the action of lifting the flap helps kids remember what they are learning! The Periodic Table is a favorite one here.

Coding: We loved the SCRATCH coding book so much that we got the Python book as well! 

Famous Composers: We are using this as part of our weekly music study. We read about a composer and then listen to a different piece by that same composer each day of the week.

Magic Painting Books: I know you were expecting all reference books, but these keep my preschooler entertained with no mess! Seriously, just painting with water. There are so many options, and my older kids love them too. 

How would you like some of these books for your homeschool, or different books, or maybe just new books for your kid to read? It would be awesome wouldn't it. So, let me tell you how I can get you free books!

Host a Party; Earn Free Books

If you haven't noticed yet, I am a new Usborne Books and More Independent Consultant. As a new consultant, my party hostess can get DOUBLE FREE BOOKS! So far my hostesses have been astonished by the amount of books they get to choose, and I am just over the moon about handing out these books! It is seriously an amazing feeling!

Like all amazing feelings, I want to keep it going. I want to give you free books!

I want to give you fabulous reference books, great activity books, adorable picture books, and fun chapter books! Check out more of our favorites in the video!

Maybe you are wondering now, how can I host a party when I live hours or even days away! Well, the magic of the internet has made earning free books super easy. You don't even have to clean your house! Head to my Facebook group and message me letting me know you are interested in hosting an online party. We will pick a date and a theme and then you get to invite all your online buddies to come check out awesome books. They buy some amazing books for their kids, and you get some amazing books FREE for your kids!

Join My Team; Earn Free Books and Money 

Maybe you love the books, maybe you want to work from home, maybe you want to help kids read, all of these are great reasons to join my team! Work as much or as little as you want with no monthly quotas! Earn free books, other rewards, and make money too.

Sounds like a pretty sweet deal, and this month (February 2019) there is even a special to get started. Just $50!

Join My VIP Group

Not ready to host and definitely not ready to join, but you want to know more and still want a chance to get free books! Join my Facebook VIP Group (Life with Moore Books). I share book and literacy information, have live story time, host events (there is one this week!), and have giveaways.

Basically, we just have a whole bunch of bookish fun!

If you are a book hoarder lover like me then hope on over an join the club because life is better with more books!

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