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Washing the Dirty Dinosaur Simple Sensory Activity

Washing the Dirty Dinosaur Simple Sensory Activity

How many times have you found your bathroom sink filled with soapy water and your kids playing in it? Just me?

Well I definitely have some soap bubble loving kids which is probably good since they are also some dirt loving kids!

So I combined their love of dirt, their love of soap, and a super fun book for this sensory activity!

Supplies for a Dirty Dinosaur Sensory Activity

  • 3 Bins 
  • Plastic Dinosaurs (We used large ones like these but little ones would work too.)
  • Chocolate Pudding Mix and ingredients
  • Dish Soap
  • Rag
  • Towel 
  • Water
  • I'm a Dirty Dinosaur Book

Assemble Your Dinosaur Washing Activity

Start by making your "mud." Mix your chocolate pudding according to package directions and pour into one of your three bins.

Your second bin needs to have dish soap and water added to it, and your third will be water for rinsing. I laid a towel on the floor after the rinse bin.

Introducing the Sensory Activity

We started by reading our book inspiration, I'm a Dirty Dinosaur. If you haven't read the book, the little dinosaur goes about stomping and sliding in the mud until he is covered! Then he decides he is dirty and needs to wash. 

Then I showed my littlest the pudding bin, and she was thrilled to roll her dinosaurs around to get them all muddy.

Then I gave her a rag and showed her the soapy bin.This was just as exciting as the pudding! She scrubbed her dino and then rinsed it off and dried it. 

Then she put all her dinos in a line, so they could all have a turn in the mud and in the bath. Of course, as all sensory bins do in our house, this one eventually got a little out of hand with all the dinosaurs in the mud at the same time!

Luckily, this sensory activity had a fairly definite end when the pudding was all gone! Yes, all the kids (even the tweens) played with it, and between the 4 of them, all the pudding was stomped and squished on the dinos until it was gone!

So all the dinos got one last bath, and my floor did too. 

This sensory activity was definitely a hit with my soap bubble, dirt, and book loving kids! I am sure it will be repeated, but hopefully not in the bathroom sink.

Kids Not Big Bath Fans?

This activity would be fun for little ones who don't like baths as much too! Seeing the dinosaurs take a bath and even helping clean them could be just the thing to get them more interested in bath time. Plus there is a cute little book to help with all the bath steps too! Add some dino bath toys to make bath time extra roar-some!


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