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Affordable Homeschool Testing Services for Easy Online Testing

Affordable Homeschool Testing Services for Easy Online Testing
For this post, I received free testing services from Affordable Homeschool Testing Services for the purpose of obtaining my honest review.

A lot of homeschoolers choose to homeschool, so they won't have to "teach to the test." I totally agree, that we should not teach just to score well on standardized tests; I really don't think schools should either, but at times, I wondered where my kids stood. I mean if something should happen that would force them to go to school, would they be able to be in the appropriate grade? 

I know this may be an irrational worry, but it is one I had. Notice I use the word had, the past tense. You see, I don't worry now because now I know, thanks to Affordable Homeschool Testing Services.

Online Standardized Testing for Homeschools

I have to be honest, I was a bit nervous signing my kids up for a standardized test. They had never experienced one as our state does not require them, and I did not want them to be overly nervous about it. I was also concerned that they would just flat out refuse to take it because with so many strong-wills in one house, some days just seem to go that way. 

The one other concern I had was my first grader. Because he has not had to use the computer a lot, I was worried he wouldn't be able to navigate the online aspect.

Requirements for Administering Standardized Tests

Before we even talk about the test though we should mention the requirements needed to administer a test through Affordable Homeschool Testing Service. For some standardized tests you are required to have a certain education level to administer the test. This is not a problem with Affordable Homeschool Testing Services. 

When you go to set up your testing experience with Affordable Homeschool Testing Services you will actually choose a date and time for each part of the test. This is because they are acting as the proctors of the test. Therefore there are no special educational requirements for you to give this test.

All you have to do is watch that your children while they take the test to ensure they don't cheat!

How the Online Homeschool Testing Works 

When it is time for your testing to begin, you call Affordable Homeschool Testing Services, and they provide you with the username and password to get in the online testing area. Easy peasy. No waiting for tests in the mail or returning them to be graded!

Online Homeschool Testing Service Review

The kids take the test at their own pace in the comfort of their home. Breaks are allowed, but my kids didn't actually take any. They would certainly be nice if you have a slower worker or a child that gets a bit stressed about tests.

The test is very user friendly, my first grader had zero problems navigating his way through it! Under second grade they also have an option for the test to read the question to the kids, so that was great for those less than enthusiastic readers.

After the test is over you get one score immediately followed by the rest within a week.

Great Features of Affordable Homeschool Testing Services

  • Online
  • In your home
  • All kids can test at once
  • No degree needed
  • Adaptable Test
  • Quick results

We already mentioned that this test is given in your own home, online, at a time you have previously selected. 

And we know you do not need a degree to give your kids this test because Affordable Homeschool Testing Services is the one administering it.

We have also talked about how quickly you get results, but I'll cover more about the results a little later.

Affordable Homeschool Testing Services for easy standardized testing.

One thing I have not talked about is the test itself. The test is the NWEA MAP Growth Test. Instead of all the tests being the same for everyone, it adapts to the child, so that in the end the child will miss about half the questions. 

I love this! Not only does it give a more accurate depiction of where the child is at, but before the test you can tell the kids that the test intends for them to miss a lot of questions, so they should not be frustrated by not knowing answers. Of course they need to try to figure them out, but removing that stress from kids who think they should never miss anything (raising my hand here) is huge. I used to get so nervous taking tests in school because I hated to be wrong. Unfortunately I seem to have passed this on to my kids, but after telling them that they took it in stride. I didn't have a single grumble or tear about not knowing something which is HUGE for my kids!

Affordable Homeschool Testing Services Review

I also loved the fact that all of my kids could test at the same time! Getting all of them to concentrate quiet while one of them tested would not have been possible, but if they are all doing it then there is no problem!

Drawbacks to Affordable Homeschool Testing Services

It's a standardized test,and no standardized test will ever be entirely accurate of what any child knows. However, as far as a standardized test goes, this one was better than any standardized test experience I could have hoped for. Plus now I have a general idea of where my kids stand!

Results Obtained from Affordable Homeschool Testing Services

Immediately after the test you get a raw score from the test, but within a few days the rest of the scores how up in your email.

Scores are provided in a variety of ways too. As you can see below, you receive the base score, a range that the score is likely to fall in should the child retake it in the near future, the percentile compared to a national norms group for the test, and the grade level the performance is typical of. 

You also get a Lexile range that is specific to reading level and can help you choose the proper books.

That is just the basic information provided, but the full report includes graphs and a breakdown as to what the child scored in specific topics as well as tips on how to improve those scores.

I really like all the information provided in the results even if it was a bit overwhelming at first! It definitely showed me where my kids needed some extra work and where I was stressing for no reason at all.

So whether you are worried about where your child is compared to his peer group or just need some direction in your teaching, Affordable Homeschool Testing Services definitely makes it easy to get the answers you need!

Win Standardized Testing for Your Family

Now you have the chance to win standardized testing for your family (wow does that sound strange to me!)

The giveaway is valid for US residents only; Affordable Homeschool Testing Services cannot serve those outside of the United States.

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