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How to Make Adorable Unicorn Cookies from Nutter Butters

How to Make Adorable Unicorn Cookies from Nutter Butters
Ahhh...the well loved Nutter Butter. We have turned it into turkeys, and snowmen, and chicks. Now we have combined it with the ever popular unicorn.

That's right, we made Unicorn Nutter Butters!

Aside from being adorable, these little unicorn cookies are also no bake, so they are a great dessert little kids can make!

Supplies for Unicorn Nutter Butter Cookies

How to Turn Nutter Butters into Unicorn Cookies

These little unicorn cookies need a little prep work before you can actually assemble them. First you need to start by making your unicorns horns. Take your starburst (the mini ones that come without wrappers) and choose the colors for unicorn horns. We went classic with yellow and orange, but unicorns are fantastical creatures that could be any color.

Once you have the horns selected you need to squish the starburst into a horn shape like you would clay. Then just set them aside while you prepare the unicorn heads.

Like the other Nutter Butter cookies, you will need to dip them in melted candy to create unicorns. We chose classic white candy melts. While you are melting your selected candy melts, lay down some waxed paper, so you are ready to dip. 

Now, you dip each nutter butter into the candy melts and lay on the waxed paper to drive, but after dipping and before drying you need to act fast to apply your horn, hair, and anything else you want to stick in the melted candy.

To do this, we dipped a unicorn head, applied the Airhead as the mane, adhered the horn, and added a little flower to the nose since we had them (thinking about it now, butterflies would be cute). Then we moved to the next unicorn.

The candy melts stay melted in a bowl longer then they do on the cookie, so this gave us a bit more time to get individual cookies done. If you are using chocolate chips as eyes you will need to add them while the candy is wet as well.

Now you wait for them to dry.

After the cookies have dried, you can add melted chocolate or icing eyes if needed or you can just eat!

My kids were thrilled with these cute little unicorn cookies! We shared some with our librarians too, and they certainly seemed to enjoy them.

Unicorn Nutter Butters would be a super cute addition to any unicorn themed party or just a fun treat for your little unicorn lover. Since they are no bake, they are also a cookie kids can make on their own.

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