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Yummi Pouch Reusable Snack Bag Review

Yummi Pouch Reusable Snack Bag Review

This past month has been a busy one for our family with lots of family birthdays to go to plus all our normal outings, and all these outings mean carrying along snacks for the little ones (especially the baby who never seems to stop eating)! Luckily, these adorable, reusable snack bags from Yummi Pouch arrived just in time! (We were provided with this set free of charge in exchange for an honest review.) 

 I had been wanting to try out some cloth sandwich bags for a while, so this opportunity worked out perfectly! The bags are wonderful as well and will be used for quite a while!

These zippered pouches are made from a moisture resistant material and come in sets of 3 designs. 

It was hard to choose from the 4 cute available sets, but I went ahead and got one of the girlier sets (after all my littlest one's favorite color is pink)! You can see all the options here: Revelae Kids!

They also come in two sizes, snack and sandwich. We chose the sandwich bags simply because the larger size would hold more snacks which you need with 4 kids running around! The large (sandwich size) is generously sized, and I think it would easily hold a sandwich if you were using these in a lunchbox.

I introduced the snack bags one morning by accident when the little one decided to raid her diaper bag. Once she realized there were snacks inside, there was no stopping her!

Since then these bags have traveled with us everywhere! Birthday pool party where not only did the kids eat all the snacks, but we also got to test the moisture resistance of the bags. The snacks held up fine despite the little one throwing them in the puddles on the floor!

This was the first time the older kids got to use the bags, and I wasn't the least bit concerned with my son not wanting to use them due to the girly prints. If he were older it may have been an issue, but right now he only cares about the food! For moms of boys, they do have some cute boy prints too! 

A few days later we refilled and headed to our homeschool co-op with them. I stay in the nursery there, and usually all the kids share snacks! I wish I had some pictures of them all snacking out of the bags! Surprisingly they didn't finish them all (that just shows how much these bags can really hold), and the partially full snack stayed in the diaper bag for a couple days until we headed to the roller skating rink for another party!

I filled a second bag and threw it in the diaper bag before we headed out. I was glad I did, the graham crackers in the first bag were stale. I am so used to Ziploc bags that I didn't even consider that the zipper would not be air tight even though it is common knowledge that zippers are not air tight! So it was probably wishful thinking on my part that I could just leave these in the diaper bag already full!

Honestly I think my kids would get the stale snacks; like most kids, they don't really seem to have taste buds when it comes to snacks. However, I have been known to snatch some of their snacks, so I wasn't a fan of the stale crackers. 

With so much travel back and forth from co-op, church, birthday parties, and shopping trips, we also got to try out washing the snack bags. According to the manufacturer these can be washed in the washing machine or the dishwasher and left to air dry. I chose to try throwing them in with my towels since my dishwasher is usually quite full! They cleaned up easily washed on warm and then left to air dry! I would guess if you forget about them and don't air dry them they will begin to loose some of their waterproofing, but it would probably take some time! 

The only thing we didn't try was putting juicy snacks (like fruit) in the bags, but those tend to get squished in the diaper bag anyhow.  I wouldn't hesitate to try them with fruit in an actual lunch box for an older child or even for myself.

Other than the stale cracker issue, my only issue is keeping my daughter from digging them out of the diaper bag! Luckily she hasn't figured out the zipper yet, so she has to have help before getting a snack!

Overall, I think these Yummi Pouch Sandwich Bags are a wonderful alternative to the plastic sandwich bags so many of us use. At $14.99 for 3, these are definitely an easy switch to make your home a little greener! 

These and many other great kids products available at Revelae Kids!

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