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How to Throw a Chilling Penguin Birthday Party

How to Throw a Chilling Penguin Birthday Party

I see him in the hall, stuffed birds in tow, an owl, a penguin, and a woodpecker today; even though he was only 2, he already loved birds. I assumed it was a phase, it would pass, but this past year, when turned 4, my tiny ornithologist wanted a Penguin Themed Birthday Party. 

Penguin Birthday Party

His birthday is of course is in the summer, so there was no hope of snow or even cold penguiny weather, so we saved milk cartons for months to make an igloo photo prop! To fit in our entryway it ended up being half an igloo with a white tablecloth hung behind it. I saved all the milk jugs to make a full size igloo outside later. All the kids took a turn posing in it with the penguins!

Other decorations included blue, black, and white fans, lots of snowflakes, and lots of penguins! With his penguin love we have several! 

And I used a few on the table even. I wadded up towels and covered them with a white tablecloth to look like an iceberg. Then we added the penguins! Looks like some were headed straight for their favorite goldfish snack!

Other food included penguin sandwiches (I cut the bread into penguin shapes), an igloo cheeseball, some veggies, and olive penguins! 

I totally used the olive penguins to make all the food fit the theme!

And despite it being summer time, you can't have a penguin party without hot chocolate (at least no tin my opinion). And believe me, the temperature outside did not stop anyone for drinking it!

Desserts included some chocolate sugar cookie penguins, Swedish fish, and a penguin cake!

We used the Safari Toob penguins (washed well) and on the cake!

After cake, presents, and silliness, the kids all went home with a bag of candy including gummi penguins, Swedish fish, and homemade ice (rock) candy!

And since this is getting posted so late, he has already started planning his next party. Right now it sounds like you may be in store for a wild animal, ninja, sea life party! We'll see how that one works out!

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