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How to Build a Gross Motor Indoor Baby Obstacle Course

How to Build a Gross Motor Indoor Baby Obstacle Course
One day at she was on her knees rocking back and forth; another month or two I thought to myself and she will be off. After all, she is just turned 6 months old. A couple days later, I glance to where she is playing on the floor, but she isn't there! My heart skips a beat as I scan the living room to find her a few feet from her toys and headed further. How did this happen, the other's didn't crawl so early? Now how do I keep her out of trouble and homeschool her siblings? 

One day a solution came to me. It wasn't going to help every day, but it would entertain her and help her practice her gross motor skills for a few days at least. I created an Indoor Baby Obstacle Course!

What We Used for the Baby Obstacle Course

Assembling a Sensory and Gross Motor Obstacle Course for Your Baby

To start with I grabbed a large box from the garage and opened both sides, so she could crawl through. For extra fun, I hung streamers from the entrance!

Next came the giant stuffed tiger and a mound of pillows to crawl over! This was followed by my exercise mat that has a nice squishy texture and little ridges. I was sure that would be fun to crawl over! We used her soft blocks to build a little castle for her to crawl through and finished with one of her favorite toys... musical instruments! 

Initially she was a bit unsure about the whole thing especially since I left and went to the other end of the hall. How dare I go that far from her, a whole hallway!

As she progressed through the obstacle course, she cheered up and started to enjoy it. She really like knocking over the blocks!

Eventually she made it to the end and played with her instruments a bit before heading back to the beginning!

Almost immediately she had to turn right back around and follow her siblings back through the baby obstacle course (it wasn't too hard for the big ones even though they enjoyed it). Of course since they beat her there, they also took the instruments. She had to wait until they were called back to their own work to have a turn; luckily she was happy to watch them make so much noise!

She ended up going through the obstacle course several times, but she mainly stopped at certain sections and repeated them over and over. Most of the obstacle course was put away for the night, but the streamer box remained until she had removed all the streamers! 

What could be better than something that entertains the baby and works on gross motor skills! She definitely enjoyed her Indoor Baby Obstacle Course, and the older kids did too! What do you do to keep baby busy during school work??


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