Kids can make these Sweet Dangling Beaded Heart Decorations

08 February

These cute little dangling hearts started as a way to keep my bead loving kids busy! All you need to make them are pipe cleaners, assorted beads (ours are compliments of, and fishing line.

Start by creating a circle with your pipe cleaner, turning the twisted part to the center.  The older girls were able to do this part themselves, but the 3 year old needed some help with his.

Next you just bend the bottom into a point to form a heart. 

It's alright if they don't end up as perfect hearts! It took a while to convince the 6 year old that her slightly lopsided heart was just as pretty as the ones I made her brother, but it really was. They are all just unique, and if your kids are like mine they will be reshaped several times anyhow!

Then I tied fishing line to the bottom and allowed the kids to embellish them with beads. 

Once they were happy with whatever pattern (or randomness) they created, I tied a bead to the end to hold them all on. I also tied a piece of fishing line to the top to hang them from. I thought these would look great in a window where light could shine through the beads; the girls had other ideas and decided they should hang from the chair backs! They do make the chairs quite festive!

For more pipe cleaner fun check out our Pipe Cleaner Flower Rings or our Pipe Cleaner Bubble Wands!

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