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Learn about Money with the Community Helper for W

Learn about Money with the Community Helper for W

I know it has been a while since we worked on our alphabet of community helpers, but we are back at it with W is for Waitress (or Waiter)!

Waiter or Waitress is the Community Helper for W

Obviously my kids know what a waiter or waitress does, so I set up a pretend play restaurant. To do that I gathered up some of their play food and wrote out a little menu for them complete with prices. I wanted to get them practicing their money math skills at the same time!

Make a menu for your pretend restaurant.

With their current math skills, I made sure to vary the prices enough that they were actually going to have to use a variety of coins and bills. This could easily be changed to whole bills for little ones practicing simple counting.

Play money makes this hands-on learning activity extra fun

I also provided the waitress with a small notepad and pencil to record orders and calculate bills. And of course the waitress and the customer each got some play money!

The girls were super excited to take turns being the customer or the waitress. Both parts had to count money, so either way they got to practice their math skills. 

Pretend restaurant to practice with money

Pretend to be a waitress and count money

The waitress also got to practice serving the other sister by taking and providing the food they ordered, and they made sure the orders were right! They actually enjoyed playing waitress so well that they continued for 2 hours while I was cooking! Lots of math practice there, and they didn't even realize it!

Money learning becomes fun with a play restaurant

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