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Corn Sensory Bin Challenge

Corn Sensory Bin Challenge

Sensory Bin Challenge time again! If you remember these bins are only filled with one simple thing to allow for child led play! This month we are enjoying corn! The easiest form of corn for us to get ahold of was popcorn, so I bought a couple bags and added them to the bins, un-popped of course. 

It seemed that my kids all really enjoyed the popcorn on its own more then a lot of the other sensory bins; at least they played with the popcorn alone a lot longer then I would have expected!

They especially enjoyed scooping it up and letting it fall through their fingers.

After awhile they ran after toys, and to no ones surprise came back with ponies and vehicles. The construction vehicles worked really well with the corn! They stayed clean and could still scoop and pour the kernels.

The girls of course each had their own crazy story going on with their ponies. I couldn't even keep up with them both this time! Although at one point they also had a doll house bathtub out filled with popcorn; I have no idea. Guess that is what happens when you try to multitask! Eventually all the popcorn ended in a single bin, and luckily cleanup was easy with this filler! I was surprised my kids didn't ask to make some popcorn afterwards either!

View all of this month's participants to see what their kids did with corn!

Our previous Sensory Challenges include: dirt, water, rice, and cloud dough. For a full list of sensory challenges (past and future) visit Little Bins for Little Hands!

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