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Planes Birthday Party

Planes Birthday Party
Planes Birthday Party

Not sure how it happened, but Eli is 3 now! Since he was really little he has always loved everything that moves...cars, trucks, trains, and thanks to the movie last summer he is in love with Planes! So for his birthday he wanted a Planes party!

Planes Party Decorations

Like usual, I made his invitations. I got the idea from these cute, printable rainbow invitations. This time however, I used photoshop to make the invite part and printed the cloud envelopes from Mr. Printables!

Planes Party Invitation

For decorations. I dug out all the toy planes he has, and I might have bought a couple new ones. I hung a few with clear thread and used white balloons to represent clouds. Then I added a blue tablecloth with cotton ball clouds and the rest of the planes.

Planes Party Decorations 1

Food was a little more difficult. All my googling resulted in airline food or airplane shaped sandwiches neither of which I wanted. I asked Eli what he wanted, and he promptly replied pizza (he always wants pizza)! All I had to do was add a few sided dishes, so I chose one to represent each of the Planes characters countries of origin. Yeah, leave it to a homeschooler to work geography into a birthday party. I set up a map with pictures of the characters stuck to their representative countries.

Planes Party Decorations 2

My final spread included Dusty's Crop Field Pizzas, Leadbottom's Vitaminamulch Veggies, Skipper's All American Ranch Dip, Ishani's Hummus, El Chupacabra's Nachos, Rochelle's Bannock, and Bulldog's Biscuits.

Plane Party FoodPlanes Party Food 1

Planes Party Food 2Planes Party Food 3

Planes Party Food 5

I also set up all the drinks at Chug's Fuel Station.

Planes Party Food 6

Not only was Eli particular about wanting to eat pizza, he also wanted a big cookie instead of cake! To add the Dusty design on the cookie I used a freezer transfer method I found at Moms and Munchkins. It was way easier then I expected too!

Planes Party Cake

Besides the food, the kids had a great time with the Dusty piƱata.  I was amazed when Eli allowed us to hit it because he originally wanted to hang it in his room! Some of the big kids (aka uncles) wanted to take a whack at it, but the real kids had it under control!

Planes Party Activities

I also wanted to print out these awesome Planes paper airplanes, but didn't get around to it, and honestly the kids were perfectly content to play outside and with all the gifts!

Overall, I think Eli had a great time with his Planes party, and I was happy because it was one of the simpler I have put together!

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