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DIY Foam Aircraft Carrier

DIY Foam Aircraft Carrier

When we got new kitchen chairs last year, I made sure to hold on to some of the big sheets of foam that cushioned them in the boxes. I know, I know....I hoard recyclable craft supplies (and books, but that isn't relevant to this post). One day when the kids were watching Planes, I came up with the idea to turn one of these sheets into an aircraft carrier for the pool. I was hopeful it would work in the bath too, but it was just too big!

I enlisted my husband to actually draw and cut the carrier out. It was really easy (especially since I wasn't the one doing it), but really he just looked up a picture and drew an outline with a sharpie. 

Cut around it with an Exacto knife and you have an aircraft carrier!

I decided it was a little small for the Planes planes, but it worked well with the smaller planes he had. He loved having his planes take off and land on his aircraft carrier which he decided was an airport. 

In fact he played with it so much we had to make a second one! Guess the foam can only handle so many planes landing on it! 

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