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Harry and the Hot Lava Book Review

Harry and the Hot Lava Book Review
Chris Robertson has done it again! He has created a fun, whimsical story that can be enjoyed by kids of all ages! (I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.)

Harry and the Hot Lava takes you inside the mind of an imaginative young boy and his game of "avoiding the hot lava." Pretty sure most of us have played this game at one point in our lives, and most of our kids too will play it, but most of us may not get as carried away as Harry!

I read it through to my kids who have not yet played the "hot lava" game, and there was definite concern in their faces until the end when I explained it. Then they were like, "OH, like pretending all the carpet is water," something they do like to do. I have a feeling this story is going to kick their game up a notch to lava instead of water too!

The illustrations are very similar to the simple, happy pictures we saw in My Yellow Umbrella (which my kids still love), but with a lot more action! They fit the imaginative feel of the book so well too!

Overall a quick, fun read that gets kids imaginations going! I think my favorite part is the very end where Chris himself shows up. My kids loved it too; probably reminds them of their own silly dad! You will have to read the book to see what he is up to there; I can't give everything away!

Want to go ahead and purchase the book? Head over to Amazon, but don't get stuck in the hot lava! To see more of Chris's work visit his website, Chris Robertson Books, or follow him on facebook or twitter!

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