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Dirt Sensory Bin Challenge

Dirt Sensory Bin Challenge

This month we are continuing the Sensory Bin Challenge with Dirt! If you remember the rice challenge from last month you may recall that this is supposed to be a child led activity where the child is provided with a simple sensory bin and allowed to add what they like to it.  I have to say with the dirt bin I did tell the kids ahead of time that they could not use stuffed animals this time since I was worried they might not wash well.

This could have been a completely free activity, but since we have had little rain and our dirt is super dry, I decided to buy some soil. At least it was something that could be easily reused.  I filled each bin with some and then let the kids go wild.

The first thing Eli wanted was cars. So after exploring the dirt a little on its own, he added cars. The girls played with the dirt by itself a bit longer before adding Polly Pockets and a tractor.

Well, once he saw the tractor he wanted it, so he got the tractor and the girls amused themselves with Polly pockets and shells. They pretended the dolls were on a "shelly" beach.

After a while they finally added shovels and rakes which I actually thought they might get right away! it is dirt after all!

I set these bins out in the afternoon, and the kids just kept coming back to them on and off throughout the day into the evening! 

I was very glad I decided to do this one outside! Clean up was so much easier that way! 

Be sure to check out the other bloggers joining the challenge this month to see what their kiddos did with a bin of dirt! 

We plan to keep the Sensory Bin Challenges coming each month! You can read more about the project and see what fillers are coming up over at Little Bins for Little Hands!

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