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Make Blueberries Dance with this Simple Science

Make Blueberries Dance with this Simple Science

We based our experiment on Steve Spangler's Dancing Raisins.  Our hope was to use up some extra candy and do some science with Jellybeans. Yes, the title of this post was supposed to be Dancing Jellybeans. Unfortunately when we tried it with the Jellybeans, they refused to dance!

Really they were simply too smooth for enough bubbles to attach, so we used some dried blueberries instead!

The experiment was super easy. All you need is a clear glass, some clear soda (we happened to use Sierra Mist), and something light enough to be moved by the bubbles but not so light that it floats (for us it was dried blueberries).

Place your soda in the glass and throw in a bunch of blueberries.  As the bubbles coat the blueberries they will be carried to the top. There some of the bubbles burst causing the berry to sink again.  Once more bubbles coat them they go up again. This can happen before the blueberry sinks to the bottom causing them to bob up and down and appear to be dancing! Ours were bouncing around in no time!

Of course we had some tasting of both Jellybeans and dried blueberries as well!  What other things do you think could dance?

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