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Night of the Moonjellies Sensory Table

Night of the Moonjellies Sensory Table

To go along with our Five in a Row reading of Night of the Moonjellies, I made the kids a Moonjelly Sensory Table.

I started by making some plain jello with tonic water rather the regular water in mini muffin tins; these were our Moonjellies.

Then I set up our DIY Light Table with the backlight under it. On top I placed some sea glass, sea shells, and our little Moonjellies.

After we read the book for the day I took the kids in to see their table. (It was a little cramped because we were in the bathroom for an easy to clean floor and a dark room.) The girls quickly asked for bags, so they could retell the story.  They pretended to walk along the beach picking up sea glass and jelly. Then we laid out all the Moonjellies, turned off the light and plugged in the backlight.

The tonic water made the jellies glow! This made everything more fun! The girls enjoyed collecting and stacking their jellies while Eli had a good time destroying his!  

All of them enjoyed this book as well as the sensory table! It was great to come up with something to involve my little man too; hopefully I can for future books as well!

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