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Bright Light Pillow Review

Bright Light Pillow Review

A pillow, a night light....it's both! Seriously my girls have been asking for one of these since they first saw the commercial maybe a year ago! I was thrilled to be able to review one to see if it lived up to the hype.

We were gone the day it arrived, so that evening before bed I presented it to Nadia, the lover of all fuzzy things. She was thrilled! 

We put in 3 AA batteries and she immediately turned it on and hugged it. Eli thought he needed a turn too, and who could blame him, it is super soft!

At first it only cycled through individual colors and I started to get a bit skeptical, but if you want a few minutes it starts glowing many colors at once. It continues to glow for about 15 minutes before turning itself off, but you don't have to wait the 15 minutes. If you want it off before (because you are driving and keep thinking a cop is behind you from the flashing lights) you just push the power button again.

I was actually quite pleased with this pillow. It is super soft and does exactly what is advertised. I hate that it is surface clean only, but obviously with all the lights in it there isn't another choice. I can say that blackberry yogurt comes off of it nicely with a damp cloth (thanks to Eli for that test). 

You do want to make sure you don't give it to a child who is unlikely to follow instructions like "don't throw the pillow" because that battery pack would hurt! It actually says ages 8 and up on the instructions.

Overall it is a nice pillow and Nadia is thrilled with it (she calls it her luma for all the Super Mario Galaxy fans out there; yes, we're raising nerds here). 

To purchase your own Bright Light Pillow visit www.brightlightpillow.com. They retail for $19.99 with $7.99 shipping and handling; you can get free shipping and handling if you order three or more. They currently have squares and hearts, but I am sure in time other shapes will pop up! 

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