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How to Turn Egg Cartons into Fun Fall Owls

How to Turn Egg Cartons into Fun Fall Owls
Egg Carton Owls

These cute little owls are based on the ones made by Art and Soul Preschool. The girls auntie came across them, and (not so subtly) requested some of her own.  Even Eli was happy to make some because it meant he got to paint!

To start with you need an egg carton. Cut the top off the bottom. Then cut the top in two pieces and the bottom into sections of two to make eyes. When Cutting the eyes be sure to include the pointy section between the egg spaces to make the beak!  You can also vary the angle of your scissors to give them slightly different look. We made 4 owls, so we used two egg cartons.

Next you need to paint your egg cartons. We chose to go with whatever colors the kids wanted rather then sticking to fall colors. Eli enjoyed painting on the table too. 

Once they are dry you can glue on some feathers and glue your eye sockets on. Then add some eyes. We went with large googly eyes because they were most owl like. And here are our finished owls (I made one too just because we had the supplies). We delivered them that night, and I think their auntie was quite pleased!

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