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Send Your Kids on a Sight Words Treasure Hunt

Send Your Kids on a Sight Words Treasure Hunt
Last year for Talk Like a Pirate Day, the kids got all dressed up like pirates and followed a map of our yard (while practicing gross motor skills) to find treasure. This year the girls informed me that dressing and talking like a pirate was scary. Ooooook....so I found a new take on the treasure hunt for them, a Sight Word Treasure Hunt. 

A Sight Word Treasure Hunt for your little pirates

I started with yellow baked cotton balls with sight words written on them (yes I saved these from our Turkey Feeding last year). I placed a winding trail of them them throughout the yard leading to pirate treasure!

Baked Cotton Balls make great gold pieces

When I brought the girls out I told them some pirates had been there and left behind a trail of gold that may lead them to pirate treasure. 

A golden sight word trailThe gold cotton ball trail goes through the yard

They would have to follow the trail to find the pirate treasure, but in order to move on they would first have to read the word on the gold piece.

Excited to follow the path to treasure and readingSight word practice with a pirate treasure hunt

They had to be quick to keep little brother from grabbing them all before the trail was gone!  He was so sad when he found one, and I wouldn't let him grab it! Between both girls they made it to the treasure!

They read the sight words and found the treasure!

They were all pretty excited to get some of those little gold and silver treasure chests! 

   Our treasure at the end of the sight word hunt

They all enjoyed sampling the pirate booty, and Talk Like a Pirate Day continued without the "scary" pirate garb! Another fun way to celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day is with a fun Sensory Bin!

Your family may also enjoy going on a family treasure hunt!

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