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Giant Ball Basket

Giant Ball Basket

In preparation for the school year I went on a rampage through the play room. Rearranging, removing, and reorganizing everything in sight! One thing that has been a constant source of mess was the giant basket of stuffed animals. It took up so much room and spewed animals all over the play room (well the kids may have had something to do with that). But still I had to get the animals out. I just needed the space! 

So after sorting the animals I was left with a giant basket, an almost empty set of bins, and the train table that needed to go back into the play room. In the train table went, I decided to use the bins in the school area, so it left some room for the giant basket. Now I just had to find something to put in it! That's when I spotted the balls. Crammed up on top of the bookcase was a milk crate full of ball pit balls. We had used them in a baby pool with the girls, but at the time we had a lot more room. The basket was perfect. I laid down a towel and threw in the balls, and in no time a toddler was in there too! 

He loves balls, and he can climb in and out of the basket while containing most of the mess (except for the balls he decides to throw all over the room).

I am hoping his excitement for the ball basket continues, and we will be able to use it as a source of entertainment while the girls do school work!

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