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Daria Music Review

Daria Music Review

Today I am pleased to introduce to you, Daria and her wonderful music. Daria is an internationally known folk singer who uses her music to reach kids and promote a better world! When I was given the opportunity to review one of her products I was instantly intrigued by the Earth Day CD with Reduce, Reuse, Recycle E-Book. (I was given a copy of this product in exchange for my honest view). 

This particular CD focuses on being a good steward of the world we have been given. Many of the songs are derived from well known tunes making it simple to learn and catchy too. The girls favorite was "Ride Horse Ride" (naturally, since they area pony lovers) which focuses on the importance of animals and what they can teach us. Other songs on this CD include "Our Beautiful Rainbow World" which celebrates diversity and "We've Got the Whole World in Our Hands" which emphasizes the importance of doing all at we can to take care of the natural environment around us.

The ebook was a ton of fun too! It consists of 10 unusual instruments that represent various cultures. Information is given about each instrument and the culture it came from, along with instructions on how you can make your own with stuff you have around the house. 

The girls each picked out a couple instruments to make, so they could play along with the music. They each made a monster jawbone rattle (from the Afro Peruvian culture).  Bria  also made zamponas (from South America) while Nadia chose a turtle shell rattle (from Native Americans)

Eli liked the monster jawbone rattles best!

Making the instruments really brought the music more alive for my hands on kids!  They were able to rock out with Daria's music as well as creating their own!

These products would be a wonderful addition to any sort of Earth Day or cultural study. I for one plan on including them when talking about history or geography!

Whether you are listening to her play some of the more well known children's songs or her own creations, your appreciation of other cultures is sure to grow just from the interesting instruments  Daria uses in her music.

Daria offers a variety of products:  including her CDs, instructions to make instruments and even actual instruments! Make sure you visit all of her stores to see all she has to offer!

Daria's CD's
Daria's Little Village Store
Daria's TPT Store

You can also hear samples of her music as well as hear some of the instruments over at dariamusic.com!

Be sure to check Daria out and allow her to bring music and culture to your kids!

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