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Poppin's Book Nook #4 - Flat Stanley

Poppin's Book Nook #4 - Flat Stanley

The Poppin's Book Nook theme for June is Travel or Transportation, and who better to travel with then Flat Stanley! In fact, this was the first book I chose when we got our list of themes!

And it sure was a good thing we started fairly early with this one because I had the idea to send out Flat Stanley's! (I have since learned this is actually a common project in public schools, but I didn't know at the time, and the girls had a great time with it).

I found some card stock cutouts of people at Hobby Lobby that I let the girls decorate; they even included a sandwich with some of them.  We had to mail them out a couple months in advance to allow people time to get their stories and pictures back in!

Of course, we didn't get them all back, but we still got a good variety, and the girls really enjoyed all the pictures. They even got some little gifts from those sending stories books, stickers, and even a Flat Sally! They really appreciated all of them and wanted to write everyone back! 

This is Nadia posing with Flat Sally!

Here is a sample of the adventures Stanley went on! 

When Stanley headed out to Colorado it was the middle of the blizzard! Luckily he was still able to get out and see the mountains and some big horned sheep! he met lots of kitties and some kids at school too! 

On a visit to Utah, Stanley got to go to church, go shopping, and do some spring planting!

Looks like he got to relax with the adults a bit too! 

In another area of Utah, Stanley was enjoying some pretend play with Barbie (he may have had a bit of a crush) and visiting penguins at the aquarium!

While visiting California, Stanley got to experience a swimming pool and roasting marshmallows!

In Pennsylvania, Stanley made friends with a friendly pooch and got to go hiking on a trail that used to be a railroad. He also got to tour some neighborhoods and some countryside!

His hosts in Pennsylvania also took him on a trip to Washington DC!  While in Washington DC, Stanley got to visit many famous monuments as well as some gorgeous cherry trees!

Here is Stanley visiting the ocean on the shores of South Carolina! He also got to see some interesting animals at the aquarium.

On a trip to Georgia, Stanley got to visit an Aviation Museum and attend a Civil War event. He even got to see them fire a cannon!

Stanley had a great time meeting some horses in Mississippi! He got really lucky on this visit because he also got a couple side trips to more new states.

He stopped in Tennessee but didn't get to see anything other than the airport.  Still, it was an interesting airport and a new state!

He was on his way to Illinois where he visited the Illinois State Capitol as well as the Lincoln Home.

He got to visit Kentucky too! In Kentucky, Stanley got to visit the Rolex Kentucky 3-Day Event.  He even got to pose in front of the giant goose jump!


He visited a few places here in Missouri too.  He got to meet a kitty and a snake and then he got to exercise at the nursing home. 

He got to visit the places we work too. The girls really enjoyed seeing Stanley at their Daddy's desk although they didn't know where their daddy had gone (guess they didn't think about someone having to take the picture). Stanley got to host a meeting there too!

I guess Stanley also had to have an inspirational talk with one of the employees.

Stanley also got to visit my work! He helped trim nails, vaccinate dogs and cats, work on a cow's hoof, and look at a monkey (the owners requested no pictures on the monkey on the internet....boo).

We sent Stanley other places in the United States too including Oklahoma, Hawaii, Idaho, Michigan, Texas, Maine, and North Dakota! Some we only have printed pictures (I am scanner illiterate) and others haven't been returned, but I know Stanley had a good time! 

Stanley also got to leave the United States to fly across the ocean to Austria! (No passport needed!) He saw some beautiful scenery, met some Austrian kitties, and played some board games!

I have word that one of our Stanley's is on a mission trip to Ecuador as well! 

A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who took time out of their busy schedule to fit our little Stanley's in! The girls just loved getting back pictures and letters and all the wonderful things you sent along!  If any of you are looking for pen pals I am sure the girls would quickly volunteer!

P.S. If you are reading this and have a Flat Stanley that hasn't written to us, please do as soon as you think of it; I know the girls would still love it!

The girls had a great time making their Stanley's and then looking at all the pictures and matching the letters up with a map to see exactly where he had visited and how far it is from us! They also had a good time reading some of his adventures (although our library didn't have them all)!

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Next month we are beating the heat with some beach and ocean books!

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