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Nadia's Mermaid Party

Nadia's Mermaid Party
 We finally made it to Nadia's birthday party; it seems like she has been waiting on it forever!  She was soooo excited about her mermaid party.  We started this morning with squidamon rolls.  It was a cute idea I saw over at Almost Unschoolers. I decided to try it it's store bought cinnamon rolls to save time. Little did I know they weren't actually cut all the way through, so I had to cut them in order to make the legs.  Our squids only had 4 legs tthough; otherwise I think they would have been way too big.  They were pretty cute though, and the girls thought they were yummy.

After that the party preparations began! We already had our jellyfish and glittery fish up, so we added some balloons and streamers. Then we scattered some shells and glow in the dark fish around.

Then there was the food to make.  We had sushi sandwiches (peanut butter or nutella rolled in bread), octadogs, spicy seashells (fiesta roll ups), anemones and sea cucumbers (veggies), coral reef (fruit), seaweed dip (spinach and artichoke dip), and of course goldfish.

   I also put some caviar (salt water taffy) in our hungry fish.

For Nadia's cake I made a sandcastle.  I figured I could do it since it wouldn't need to be pretty.  I used marshmallow fluff frosting and coated the castle with graham cracker crumbs.  Then I added some sugar cones as turrets and some chocolate seashells.  I had some Swedish fish on the side.

I had also made some chocolate covered marshmallows.  I used blue candy melts and added some graham cracker crumbs to the bottom and a little vanilla cupcake flavored goldfish,  I tried to do some Oreos as well, but they were much, much harder (I have now learned the tricks of doing covering oreos)! We had a few that made it through the dipping process.

Nadia and Bria were of course dressed in their mermaid tutus.  Nadia had her princess crown on too (of course).

Nadia had a great time opening her gifts.  She loved them all! Bria loved them too.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the food and the cake.

Nadia showing off her plate.

Eli thought it was fun to pull Bria's hair.
  Both girls thought it was fun to use the salt water taffy like clay before eating it.

Nadia loved the marshmallows.
I had a bubble machine set up for the girls to play in. They did enjoy it, but we had to turn it off until after the main part of the party.  After most of the guests had left I turned it back on for the girls and Stephen.  They all had a good time playing in the bubbles. Jasper didn't know what to think of the bubbles, but Eli got in on the action!

Everyone was quite worn out by the end of the day, but I think they enjoyed it!

You can't tell in the picture, but she was staring at the little reflections her shirt made all over the floor.

Eli thought Jasper needed to be rocked.

Even Skippyjon got in on the fun.  Surprisingly he did not pop any balloons!
They were hitting each other with balloons.

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