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How to Explore Musical Pitch with Plastic Bottles

How to Explore Musical Pitch with Plastic Bottles

I saw this last summer in a magazine and was smart enough (at the time) to write down the amounts needed. I knew I would probably need Nathan for this activity too as he is usually better at activities involving air.  It turns out I didn't really need him, and none of us were too good at it! Oh well, the girls thought they were doing it, and they could still hear the notes (just faintly).

So what you need: 8 20 oz plastic bottles (Nathan insists glass would be easier, but I don't know where I would find those), water, food coloring (optional)

Start by filling each bottle with the amount of water needed to produce the desired note.  I guess you need some sort of measuring device as well.

Do - 7 oz
Re - 9 1/2 oz
Mi - 12 1/2 oz
Fa - 14 oz
So - 16 1/2 oz
La - 17 1/2 oz
Ti - 18 1/2 oz
Do - 19 oz

She kept asking me what they were for.

After filling them all I decided to add some color to the water.  The girls enjoyed shaking them up and changing the colors.

 Remove the lids and blow across the top of the bottles to create the note.  This is the part we weren't very good at.  I have included some videos anyhow, and I would love to see it if someone is good at it and can make it sound a bit more fluid! If you are good at it you could even play some simple songs!

I brought out the girls little do, re, mi puzzle to emphasize each note since we weren't too good at it.  The enjoyed trying the bottles and the puzzle.

Of course we had to sing along, "Do a deer, a female deer..." It at least gave us a good opportunity to talk about low versus high (which I think the girls already knew,, but this re enforces it).  I know they know now! We brought out the musical bells, and Bria brought two to me and told me it is the low one and the high one. She was right!

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