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Moon Sand Gone Wrong = Sandy Oobleck

Moon Sand Gone Wrong = Sandy Oobleck

I attempted to make some moon sand (based on this recipe from Domestic Charm) for a solar system sensory bin, but it went horribly wrong.  I added 4 cups of sand, 2 cups of cornstarch, and a cup of water like it said, and all I got was soup.  So I added 4 more cups of sand and 2 more cups of water.....still soup.  I let it settle a bit and poured half a cup of liquid off the top! Still it was more like sandy oobleck then moon sand.  Apparently my sand was much too wet for the moon sand.  I suppose it was a good idea, but it seems too messy to add anything to.  I will come up with something else for our solar system.  However, this sandy oobleck would not go to waste!

After I drained off the excess water.
Of course I let the kids play with it! Nathan played with it a bit too; although he kept saying, "It's so weird."  Eli especially seemed to enjoy picking it up and having it run through his fingers.  It was certainly a lot coarser then regular oobleck, but it maintains its original properties.

The "hangers" were stuck.
I think Eli would have played all day!

I guess it turned out pretty fun anyhow!

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