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Painting with Watercolors and Salt

Painting with Watercolors and Salt

We bought a whole new thing of salt just to use with our DIY Squishy Baff, so I figured we should go ahead and use some for art! I first came across this idea on Simple Kids.  You start with wet paper, or in our case, I let the girls brush their paper with water  Make sure it isn't too wet or it rips.

Then you paint all over the paper with watercolors.

Once the paper is covered you sprinkle it with salt.

Let it soak some of the paint up, and as it dries you can brush off some of the salt.  The girls liked the little white dots it left.  You have to brush it off before it is completely dry, or it will be stuck to the painting.

I do have to say that this was a bit messier then anticipated simply because the salt ended up everywhere!

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