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Glitter Grapes

Glitter Grapes

This is a little snack recipe I found on Pure Sugar and had wanted to try for a little while.  It is really, really easy and kind of addicting.  They used watermelon jello, but I could not find any around here.  So we went with fruit punch with red grapes and berry blue with green grapes.  I think there are a lot of possibilities including using different fruits like berries instead of grapes.

First, of course, you wash your grapes.  Make sure they still have some water on them to make the jello stick.  I did the red grapes first like it said on the website.

I poured the jello on a plate.

And rolled them around with a spoon.

I actual froze mine on a cookie sheet, but I decided I preferred them just about halfway frozen (very chilled).
And my hands still ended up red!

So with the green grapes, I put the grapes in a gallon ziploc bag along with the jello and gently shook them around to cover them.  Poured them on my cookie sheet, and my hands stayed clean!

The berry blue with the green grapes was a big hit, but Bria and I preferred the fruit punch with the red grapes. Very odd since I don't really care for fruit punch.  Then again, I also don't care for jello!

I am thinking these will look very nice for parties. Let me know if you come up with other yummy combinations!

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