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Colored Ants

Colored Ants

This morning I saw a couple ants in my kitchen.  I was surprised since I haven't seen any for a few months.  This time I decided to take advantage of them for a little experiment before getting rid of them.  

I mixed up sugar and water in blue, red, and yellow.  Then I put little drips on the counter top where I saw the ants.  

It took a little while for them to come to the sugar, and even longer for an significant number of them to arrive.  My ants seemed particularly attracted to the blue for some reason. A few went to the red, but I never saw any go to the yellow.  

Maybe I didn't get as much sugar in those colors.  It didn't really matter since you could plainly see the blue in the ant after they ate it! The girls were really excited about the blue ants! 

After watching the blue bellied ants for a while I mixed up a new batch of sugar, borax, and water, so I could get rid of them all together.  The borax does kill them, but make sure to clean the area well after as it is toxic!

Look closely at the pictures.  I don't have a macro lens, so it may be a little hard to see, but you can see the color in their abdomen!

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