Learn about Littering with the Community Helper for G

25 January

Our Community Helper for the Letter G is Garbage Collector! He is overlooked frequently, but I think he is pretty important! 

We started by collecting garbage; after all, isn't that what the Garbage Collector does? I armed each girl (and myself) with a sack, and out we went around the neighborhood.  We picked up all sorts of trash we found lying around the neighborhood, and filled all three of our bags! We also got to talk about littering and what sort of things belong in nature (the girls kept wanting to put sticks in their bags).

 Trash is very dirty, so I think I would have made sure the girls were wearing gloves even if it were warm out! And of course wash your hands immediately after finishing!

The girls really thought this was a fun game! They were also very pleased to leave the neighborhood more beautiful even though I am sure no one else will notice.  At least they know they did something worthwhile!

The second thing we did was sort of our own recycling activity. We made art out of trash!  Not trash we picked up outside; I'm not even brave enough to tackle that.  But art from things around here that could have been thrown in the trash.  I grabbed some cardboard rolls, egg cartons, straws, plastic spoons, and such and gave them paints, scissors and glue as well as a side of a box to work on.

Nadia had a great time painting random things and gluing them on her piece of cardboard.

Not sure how I missed getting a picture of Bria working on hers (I have a feeling the baby had something to do with it though). She told me it is a butterfly trapped in a cage.

We had hoped to leave cookies out for our Garbage Collectors, but that didn't work out as they came earlier then usual this week; guess we will try to catch them another week!  

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