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How to Make Adorable Reindeer Hair Clips

How to Make Adorable Reindeer Hair Clips

Ever since my oldest was born, I have been making cute little bows and such for her hair (she had tons when she was born). Then I added another girl and finally a third! Yes, I have a son too, but he just doesn't like cute ribbons.

I get lots of requests from friends. Recently, I was asked to make a Christmas hair clip, in the shape of a reindeer. Hmmm....how would I make a reindeer? 

Here are the 10 steps to make these cute little reindeer hair clips! 

Supplies for Ribbon Reindeer Hair Clips

How to Assemble the Reindeer Hair Clip

1. Begin by cutting your ribbon.  You need a 4 1/2 inch piece and a 5 inch piece of the 5/8 inch ribbon and two 2 inch pieces of the the 3/8 inch ribbon. While you are at it, snip that pipe cleaner in half too. 

2. Now it is time to glue! For some reason, hot glue is always my adhesive of choice even though I know my poor fingers would probably appreciate me using something else.  

Take the two 5/8 inch ribbons and glue them with the ends overlapping as shown below. Then slip the smaller ribbon into the larger and glue. Your reindeer should now resemble the lower, right picture. 

3. If you made it this far, it is time for the antlers. Take half your pipe cleaner and fold it in half. Give it a twist. Under the twist make 2 little branches and twist the rest of the way. 

4. Now, take those antlers and glue them inside the reindeer head. 

5. Once you have both antlers attached, put a little glue on the inside of the head and flatten

6. Now, your hair clip is starting to look a bit more like a deer, but it needs some ears. Take the 2 pieces of 3/8 inch ribbon and loop and glue them as shown below. 

7. Glue the ears behind the head, so the stick out the sides like a deer's would. 

8. That is the basic reindeer head. Add the eyes and nose. You could use either a red or black pompom for the nose as well. 

9. Next, glue to an alligator clip (I line mine with ribbon first)

10. Place in child's hair and snap a picture! 

So that is how I solved my reindeer dilemma; although my son does want one of these on a bowtie. My friends loved them, and asked for a snowman as well! 

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