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Online Homeschool Math Curriculum Excellent Choice for Asynchronous Kids

Online Homeschool Math Curriculum Excellent Choice for Asynchronous Kids

In writing this post, I was compensated for my time, but all opinions expressed are my own.

We have all met a child who was really good at schoolwork but not so good with social skills. Or maybe it is a split between subjects, and the child rocks at reading and struggles in math. Both of these are examples of asynchronous development.

Of course, asynchronous development is not limited to these two situations either.

Asynchronous development is simply a term used to describe children who develop at different rates in different areas. So while this can mean that a child may be gifted in math but behind in reading, or vice versa. It can also mean that a child may be ahead in some areas of math but behind in others like excelling in multiplication yet struggling with fractions at the same level.

I'm sure you can imagine the frustration and anxiety created for both the child learning math and the homeschool parent trying to teach it!

Tips to Teach Math to Asynchronous Kids

  • Use a variety of teaching methods. Some kids learn best by listening, while others by seeing, and others by doing. Try to use a variety of teaching methods to reach all types of learners.
  • Provide different levels of challenge. Some kids will be quick to move on to more challenging math concepts while others will need more time to master the basics. Be sure to provide different levels of challenge so that all kids can succeed.
  • Offer different types of materials. Some kids learn best with concrete materials, while others learn best with abstract concepts. Offer a variety of materials so that kids can choose the ones that work best for them.
  • Be patient and understanding. Kids with asynchronous development may need more time to learn math concepts. Be patient and understanding, and offer them the support they need to succeed.

When it comes to teaching math to kids with asynchronous development, it's important to be flexible and to meet the child where they are at. Of course, it helps when you find a curriculum that can aid you in that effort.

After several years and a variety of asynchronous students, our homeschool is still loving CTCMath!

CTCMath, an Online Homeschool Math Curriculum

CTCMath is an online math curriculum that offers math courses from kindergarten to calculus. They are not common core aligned which is a plus for us. 

The lessons are short and to the point with a few required questions and the option of doing more for extra practice. The difficulty of the questions also adjusts to the student's skill level.

And one of the best parts for the homeschool parent is that it is all automatically graded, and you can easily access your child's records to see how they are doing and where they may be needing some extra practice. Read more about this flexible math curriculum here. 

Why CTCMath Works for Asynchronous Kids

CTCMath teaches through a short video that allows kids to see and hear what they are learning. In fact, it also offers the ability to have the computer read the questions to the child through the sixth-grade level for those who struggle more with reading or just benefit from hearing the information.

For kids who do better with the action of writing, you can print off a worksheet of the problems or provide a dry-erase board. It can even work well for kids who need to move; see this post on using CTCMath with squirmy kids.

It is super easy to add some manipulatives as well for those who do better with concrete objects. Since the CTCMath Homeschool Membership doesn't use a specific manipulative set, you can use whatever you have on hand to help your kiddo learn.

Above I mentioned how kids can be asynchronous across subjects or within a subject. CTCMath is amazing for these situations as well. I have a child who is gifted in math and easily covers more than a year's worth of instruction each year. I know what you may be thinking, "but then you have to purchase another year of curriculum." Not with CTCMath. Instead, you get all grade levels for all your kids for an entire year. He can move ahead as he pleases.

Having all the lessons available for all grades also benefits kids who need to move slower in a specific math area like the dreaded fractions. They can access fractions at whatever level they are at and work up to where they need to be while performing the rest of the math at their grade level.

Kids can move between topics as they please with a CTCMath Homeschool Membership. While there is an order to follow to be sure they will not have any gaps in their math education, sometimes kids may be agonizing over one topic, and rather than lose a day, they can switch to one that clicks with them more.

Likewise, if they are on a roll with one topic, they can keep at it and complete multiple lessons.

CTCMath has also added a new mastery level indicator, so kids can increase their mastery level even after they have completed the required problems. This can be encouraging to them if they have previously struggled with a concept.

As the parent, you also can delete a poor score and allow the student to re-do the lesson. This can help decrease any anxiety the child may have regarding grades.

Since CTCMath is an online math curriculum, it also frees you as the homeschool parent to move to the role of cheerleader and tutor. You don't have to teach everything. Just help and encourage your child as needed. I know for some of us less math inclined parents this is a huge relief.

Grab a FREE TRIAL and see how well CTCMath can work for your kids!

Additional Tips for Homeschool Math Teachers

  • Make math fun and engaging. Use games, puzzles, and other activities to make math more enjoyable for your child. By the way, CTCMath offers a game in speed skills and one for multiplication. 

  • Teach math in a real-world context. Help your child see how math is used in everyday life, like shopping or cooking. 
  • Celebrate your child's successes. When your child masters a new math concept or just tries hard at mastering it, be sure to praise them.

With elementary, middle, and high school courses, CTCMath can help your normally or asynchronously developing learners achieve math success!

Be sure to sign up for your CTCMath free trial!

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